Our Second Huge Stage of Renovation

Its official, you are going to think I am crazy.  I mean to be honest, I think I am a little crazy myself.  BUT, sometimes you just have to jump in and swim with huge projects right?!  Well that is what I am telling myself.  Because this past weekend we got BUSY (and by we I mean my in-laws and my husband…) and stared our second phase of renovations on our fix-er upper lake house.

So what do you think, do you want a little tour of what we have been up to?!?

overall-1024x682 (1)

Meet my upstairs!  It is all bare boned and all studs as of this weekend, and honestly, I think it looks better than when we first toured our house this past winter!


Before I get into specific detail, let me ask you, can you picture it?  Can you picture my beautiful master bathroom that I am dreaming about?  In the photo above the vanity will be in between the large windows on the back wall and a jetted tub will be to the right of the windows on the side wall.  Can you just picture that?!  Because I am right now and it is what is getting me through the chaos that comes along with renovating!

Okay, so here is what we are taking on:

-full kitchen overhaul

-3 bedrooms (nursery, mater and guest)

-2 bathrooms (master and guest/kids)

Thats it, when you look at it in that little list it may not feel like such a huge project…. but ooooh it sure is!

Okay, here are some before and during photos!


Prior to us moving in I snapped a few photos the one on the left is one of them.  Even when we toured our house under a year ago I pictured the cluttered space by those windows as my master bath.  The room was more of a rec room than a bedroom but we saw master bedroom and bathroom written all over it!  I can’t believe that we are finally moving toward that goal and dream!


The guest bedroom upstairs was our only “livable” upstairs bedroom, in fact last summer I spent a lot of time getting rid of wall paper and painting the dark wood on the walls… it turned out great and dare I even say I liked the room while we used it for guests, but now it is gone!  Down to the studs!


Similar story for the upstairs bathroom.  It was livable but not super usable without an actual shower… but I painted and worked on it and we used it for the months that we lived up there… but now it is all gone!!!


I thought I would share the floor plan we are using in case you love this stuff like I do and want to get a better feeling for what we are doing!

What do you think?!  Can you picture our upstairs!?  It will be so wonderful when it is finished!  Well, lets face it, anything would be better than the house the way it was and is now!

And now on to our kitchen.


Just a few snap shots of the before us, before demo and after demo looks of the space!


I am excited to say that my tiny kitchen will be getting MUCH much bigger!  Ohh I am SO going to love my new kitchen!

And for now we are trying to survive like college kids with no stove and dishwasher or kitchen sink for that matter…


but all in the name of these beautiful visions I have for the spaces!

So here is my official sorry for being a little MIA here on the blog lately, but literally every single free moment I have has been spent talking to tile shops, cabinet people, shower specialists and the list goes on and on.  I am hoping that things settle down soon and that I get some time to get back to my normal schedule.  One that allows for a lot more time to craft and create!  I do have to say that I do feel a little giddy about the idea of in a few months from now being able to show you the final product!  I wish we could plan a house-warming party together in fact!

But until then don’t get to mad at me for not being great about posting, I will do my best!

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