Renovation & Organizing



Well, like I started to tell you on Sunday, it is official, we are on to phase TWO of our home renovations.  It feels like it was just yesterday that we started our first round!  Goodness, we must be a bit crazy!  So above is the BEFORE shot of the room that we are starting with.  This photo actually makes the space look “not that bad” but if you could look a little closer, you would see; 2 layers of wall paper covered in bright red paint, horribly stained carpet and electrical work behind those walls that left us with no choice but to start fresh.


But while we were busy surviving our first round of renovations I temporarily made this bedroom into my craft room storage space.

But not anymore!

And so this past weekend I had no choice but to “move out”.  My crafting supplies are now stored in the basement… and a little tough to get at.  And so here was my deal, I was allowed to keep any and all craft supplies out and upstairs that I could possibly fit into my living spaces in a discrete and organized way.

And so I have been organizing my craft supplies in every single unused piece of furniture I own!


Including my vintage card catalogue.  Turns out it is kind of an amazing way to store my crafting supplies that I couldn’t part with!


 also got creative and found that my vintage steamer trunk that use as a coffee table is actually a perfect space to store supplies as well!  I shared how the trunk had drawers, one of them I used to store my ribbons that I JUST organized!


You can find the full post on this project {here}.


And see, you wouldn’t even know that I am storing a ton of my craft supplies in that pretty trunk can you?!?


So, no fear, I am well-organized for this round of renovating.  The crafting will continue!  Especially since I am not allowed to be very involved with this part of the renovating…  this little bean of a baby in my belly comes first!