DIY Ribbon Organization



Well, it is official, I am in FULL organizational mode.  I suddenly have a bit more energy, thank you 2nd trimester!.   AND a little motivation thanks to the blogging challenge going on right now {more on that here} and the fact that round two of my home renovations is starting NOW and so my craft room is getting a reorganized and moved to the basement temporarily (more on that later).

And so, part of the deal with my moving my craft stuff to the basement was that I am allowed to keep anything I can “hide” in our main living space upstairs.  You would honestly think that I was never going to see the stuff moving to the basement again for how creative I am being with my organizing and packing things away upstairs all of a sudden!

My first organization project was to condense my out of control ribbon stash into one compact area.


And I am loving it now that it is finished!

Isn’t that kind of how organizing projects go?

I always feel dread and the good old blahhh feelings when I think about starting but then I am thrilled and excited when I see the final product.

But, maybe I am the only one :)


It was a lot of work, transitioning bags of random ribbon into organized spools!

I used a variety of vintage and new clothespins as a way to secure and organize my ribbon.

organize5-682x1024 (1)

And then I condensed my stash into a cute piece from a vintage steamer chest that I am not housing some of my favorite crafting supplies in.


When I rolled my ribbon around the clothespins I secured them with sewing pins.  I like how you can combine multiple ribbons onto one clothespins!

Ribbon Organization via Crafty Scrappy Happy