Well, it is official, I am in FULL organizational mode.  I suddenly have a bit more energy, thank you 2nd trimester!.   AND a little motivation thanks to the blogging challenge going on right now {more on that here} and the fact that round two of my home renovations is starting NOW and so my craft room is getting a reorganized and moved to the basement temporarily (more on that later).

And so, part of the deal with my moving my craft stuff to the basement was that I am allowed to keep anything I can “hide” in our main living space upstairs.  You would honestly think that I was never going to see the stuff moving to the basement again for how creative I am being with my organizing and packing things away upstairs all of a sudden!

My first organization project was to condense my out of control ribbon stash into one compact area.


And I am loving it now that it is finished!

Isn’t that kind of how organizing projects go?

I always feel dread and the good old blahhh feelings when I think about starting but then I am thrilled and excited when I see the final product.

But, maybe I am the only one :)


It was a lot of work, transitioning bags of random ribbon into organized spools!

I used a variety of vintage and new clothespins as a way to secure and organize my ribbon.

organize5-682x1024 (1)

And then I condensed my stash into a cute piece from a vintage steamer chest that I am not housing some of my favorite crafting supplies in.


When I rolled my ribbon around the clothespins I secured them with sewing pins.  I like how you can combine multiple ribbons onto one clothespins!

Ribbon Organization via Crafty Scrappy Happy




Well, like I started to tell you on Sunday, it is official, we are on to phase TWO of our home renovations.  It feels like it was just yesterday that we started our first round!  Goodness, we must be a bit crazy!  So above is the BEFORE shot of the room that we are starting with.  This photo actually makes the space look “not that bad” but if you could look a little closer, you would see; 2 layers of wall paper covered in bright red paint, horribly stained carpet and electrical work behind those walls that left us with no choice but to start fresh.


But while we were busy surviving our first round of renovations I temporarily made this bedroom into my craft room storage space.

But not anymore!

And so this past weekend I had no choice but to “move out”.  My crafting supplies are now stored in the basement… and a little tough to get at.  And so here was my deal, I was allowed to keep any and all craft supplies out and upstairs that I could possibly fit into my living spaces in a discrete and organized way.

And so I have been organizing my craft supplies in every single unused piece of furniture I own!


Including my vintage card catalogue.  Turns out it is kind of an amazing way to store my crafting supplies that I couldn’t part with!


 also got creative and found that my vintage steamer trunk that use as a coffee table is actually a perfect space to store supplies as well!  I shared how the trunk had drawers, one of them I used to store my ribbons that I JUST organized!


You can find the full post on this project {here}.


And see, you wouldn’t even know that I am storing a ton of my craft supplies in that pretty trunk can you?!?


So, no fear, I am well-organized for this round of renovating.  The crafting will continue!  Especially since I am not allowed to be very involved with this part of the renovating…  this little bean of a baby in my belly comes first!




It is official, I am 100% back into beach-y decor mode!

It seems as though I have taken a short break, enjoyed Christmas andddd now I am ready to get back to the beach.

Now if only this Wisconsin weather would work with me on that one!

Don’t get me wrong, I am having a great time enjoying the big huge ice skating rink in my backyard, but boy would I rather be swimming in that lake!


Maybe another reason why I am SO edited for the warm weather is that we will be closer to meeting our little baby bean!

But since the summer weather is months away, I will stick to beach crafting to get me excited!

Since I am not naturally amazing at painting, I grabbed my good old watercolors for this project and just painted on top of a vinyl adhesive of an anchor that I had around from a different project.  After I had the watercolor just right I took the vinyl off of my canvas, and this is what I have.

A super simple watercolor canvas that reminds me of the summer!

I am still debating if I should add words…. what do you think?!


I started my Valentines Day crafting with my simple DIY canvas, and had to keep the crafting going by doing what I love to do, dressing up a store-bought candle!  This is officially the third holiday I have now covered with my candle decorating.  My painted Halloween candle, my glitter Christmas candle and now heart Valentines candle!



All I did was use my Letter Press dies to cute out my border out of aluminum foil.  I then fastened the boarder with hot glue.  And if you missed my simple DIY canvas that I used the hearts for, check them out here.


Sweet and simple, and just enough to add a little Valentines decor to an otherwise boring candle!


Okay, I don’t know if I am the only one, but there is just something about the few months right after Christmas that leave me feeling a bit blahhh about crafting at times.  I think that it has something to do with not being able to decorate for huge holidays and not being able to do fun summer projects.  Between the two, I am left feeling like I could use a little push in the creativity department this time of the year.  And soooo, I am teaming up with 9 lovely and talented ladies (you may recognize them from the giveaway I did this past month) to bring you an interactive winter challenge!  I think it is going to be really fun!  AND I really really hope that you will consider joining in!
Here is the complete lowdown!
The same gals that joined together for the $1,000 Christmas Cash Giveaway are now joining forces to bring you “The Dog Days of Winter” Weekly Challenges & Linky Parties!!
Dog Days draft
Mandy from House of Rose
Jennifer from Blissfully Ever After
Carmel from Our Fifth House
Liz from Liz Marie Blog
Here is a little breakdown of the weekly challenges:
Monday, January 14th – Organize It!
Everybody is in the mood to organize after the New Year & we know that you have some fabulous organizing ideas to share! Organize any area of your home & link up with us! It can be a cabinet, a drawer, a closet, or even an ENTIRE room!
Monday, January 21st – Thrift It!
Who doesn’t appreciate a good thrift store find?! Upcycle any thrift store (or yard sale) item & link up with us!
Monday, January 28th – Make It!
You know those thousand things you’ve pinned to your Pinterest boards?! Well, it’s time to stop pinning & start doing! Choose one (or more) of your pins and MAKE it!! Then, link up!
Monday, February 4th – LOVE It!
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!! We want to see all of your fabulous Valentine’s day ideas, crafts, and/or projects! Be sure to show them off at our linky party!!

The fun begins NEXT Monday!! We will be sharing our organizing projects with YOU & you will be sharing yours with US!! 

Link up on JUST ONE of our blogs & your project will be seen on ALL NINE blogs!! This is a great way to for you to show off your talent & should generate lots of traffic for your blog! We will sharing our favorites on social media as well as pinning those items to our Pinterest boards!! So don’t miss out!!

It’s time to GET BUSY!!! You know that junk drawer that’s been driving you mad for months now….GO ORGANIZE IT!!!

We can’t wait to see your projects!!!

So what do you think?!  Will you be marking your calendars and joining in the fun?  I hope so!