A beach-y chic wall stencil

Hi guys.

I am SOOOO so SOOOO so SOOOO into decorating right now it isn’t even funny.

I want to try all of the things I have held off on until now… because of the renting verse owning copout, the student versus working woman reality and well the motivation to fix up an old house and make it pretty.

And so, my latest adventure was with stencil and  a wall.

DIY Stenciled Wall via Crafty Scrappy Happy

 not a big wall….

but a wall that may have otherwise been ignored…

and since I was just telling you in this last post {here} that I don’t have many walls now that we renovated and took most of them down, I feel like I have to seriously LOVE the ones that I have!


 And I suppose the best part about having an open floor plan now and great room is that when I spiff up a little wall you can enjoy it from all over the room!

{did you see all of the lights in my space???}


so how do you feel about stencils?!  I was so scared to add pattern to my house since I worked SO hard to take down all of the patterned wall paper just a few short months ago!

But thankfully stenciling a wall with paint takes MUCH less commitment!  It is easily removed…. and simple to put up—-win win if you ask me!


I just love that pattern.


simple beach-y chic????

That was my goal anyways!


what do you think????

Do you want to know how I did the stenciling?!


and would you like to WIN your own stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils?!?!

Check back NEXT WEEK!!!!

AND if you are new here I would LOVE to get in touch with you!