From a old wood burner to a chic brick wall



Well, we have made some HUGE progress with our new house and our renovations.  HUGE.  And I am THRILLED to say that we are finally to the point that we are moved in and enjoying the space!  AND I can finally start showing you some great before and after photos!!!  Starting with the changes we made to our wood burner fireplace that is now a chic brick accent wall in our home!

When we moved in we had not one but TWO wood burning stoves that are great for heating a space BUT not great on the eyes.  Naturally my husband feel in love with them.  He loved the idea of their function and did not notice their lack of design.  So we compromised (for now) and we took one out and left one.  We have a long term plan for our kitchen, so “for now” being the words we use often, we decided to keep the brick behind the wood-burner—and my goal was to make take them from rustic to chic.

Here is where we started:


ohhhhh YUCK right?!

But I am happy that I now have a unique brick wall as part of my space… sooo in the end I AM thankful for the brick behind the old wood burner!


Now it took me awhile to decide what it was about the brick and ultimately I realized that it was the dark grout and brick colors so I  got out my handy Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and watered it down and white washed the bricks and the grout to achieve a much more subdued chic look.

Next we had to fill in the hole where the wood burner vented to the chimney.  We used a saw and then used calk to fully seal the space, because it is important that if you are using the existing chimney for other things that there is no back-flow into the room.

brickwall5-682x1024 brickwall6-682x1024

Then I had my husband use a concrete drill bit and concrete anchor screw to secure a place for my frames!


isn’t he just too cute?!

AND he is helping me decorate!!!  EVEN better!


Much better right?!


And now that it is official and we are moved in and decorating… there will be A TON of posts about our house and the FINAL looks for each of the spaces!!!  Yayyyyy!!!!

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